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PowerWave Co., Ltd.
It was founded in 2007 by president Otuoka Kazuo from the IT industry. It is an independent manufacturer who conducts planning and development to sales of "products that make use of the originality of Japan by giving light to hard-to-see parts". We are not limited to familiar products focused on troubles of portable audio earphone cords indispensable to contemporary people called CordSmart, actively developing products of a wide range of original products, such as weather pipes and disaster-related products We are promoting.

In March 2012 a unique product called CordSmart Clip was released. It is a product that can easily store the earphone code used for portable audio developed by PowerWave Co., Ltd. founded in 2007 without being tangled. Although it is a small but inconspicuous margin, this product focused on the troubles of users of many earphones is packed with the design and material commitment of Okuoka President Yamai. It is Protomold of the very short delivery time injection molding service that realized that commitment.

Aim for product development comparable to sophisticated Apple products

It is hard to imagine that Mr. Oomu Oka president of PowerWave, who was watching the back of his father involved in manufacturing from a young age, founded a company that graduated from the IT industry and focused on product development. I started business in 2007 to send out unique products that I have been thinking since seriously. Apple products such as iPod have greatly influenced the company's product development. Mr. Oka who was shocked by its simplicity and sophistication when I first saw the iPod tried to develop peripheral products suitable for that Apple product. CordSmart is also based on that concept. Now that portable audio is at its peak, many people suffer from being tangled with earphone cords. Mr. Ooka is no exception. Nevertheless, none of the existing solutions seemed troublesome. Especially for high-end earphones there is no such solution. CordSmart is a smart product that solves this spectacularly and makes it possible to use earphones immediately after removing it from the bag.

Realize monozukuri making full use of 3D data

CordSmart Clip announced in March 2012 is a product that sticks to its shape, design, and materials as well. The start of development begins with PVC board. It was based on my idea to cut PVC and create it. And it was far from Mr. Oka's ideal which is ideal. However, in the products announced this time, it starts with thickness and size, and realizes a beautiful form refined attention such as how fillets are applied from how to insert a groove. Originally, Mr. Ooka who could not design the drawings could hit the wall, but I met 3D CAD. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to learn the operation of 3D CAD and start actively using it. It also helped utilize Protomold injection molding service. Although Protomold does not require a drawing, 3D data is essential, and the designed shape is formed.

Encounter with injection molding service that can utilize sticking materials

Although the shape design has gathered up, selection of the resin to be used is a challenge when actually thinking about manufacturing started. Mr. Oka who did not have any knowledge about resin at first was pointed out that if PVC is used, it will damage the other material. So Ooka He started looking for material, "the German BASF's Elastollan are also used in the G-Shock the end of the struggle ® each other Tour of the material referred to as" TPU "in". But the hurdle will continue. Next time, I can not find a contractor that can receive injection molding using this material. I met when I was giving up, "Protomold" of Pro-Labs' super short delivery date injection molding service. In addition to being brought in correspondence with the bringing in of resin, in addition to proposing the position of the gate and the finish of the surface, etc., proposals such as prototypes at the proto labs company side by side, to respond to the strict demands of Mr. Ooka's attention, Was carried out. "Although I was still an amateur at that time, such as selection of a resin from product design, I believe communication that turns cycles using analysis, IT, etc. is a good feeling that I felt was right for me from IT. "Okaoka said. By this process, we arrived at the finished ideal as an ideal by the time we began production.


試作を経て、生産ということになったとしても、即大量に生産というわけにはいかない。まずは小ロットからはじめたい メーカーにとって、数量は悩みの種だ。実はProtomoldを使う メリットはそこにもある。大岡氏はプロトラブズ社のサービスを使うメリットは、試作から生産まで連続的に任せられることだと言う。さまざまな企業に相談をしたが、材料は少なくとも数百キロから、ロットも最低数千個からと言われてしまう。それが前提条件として見積もりが提示される。スタートアップフェーズに ある企業ではさらに壁が高くなる。しかしProtomoldを活用すればロットのコントロールができる。製品化したばかりの時は、一度にたくさんつくることは難しい。少量の材料を仕入れ、その量に対応する小ロットの生産をしてくれるサービスが必要だ。 CordSmart Clipの試作から生産へ繋げたのがProtomoldなのだ。 Protomoldのメリットはそれにとどまらない。ProtoQuote というインタラクティブな見積もりシステムを活用することで、 生産個数を変えながらシミュレーションができるため、損益分 岐点を正確に把握することができ、また何個取りが良いのかということのシミュレーションも可能である。このようなビジネス上も意義あるサービスで対応できたのはProtomoldだけであったと言う。Protomoldに出会ったことが、CordSmart Clip という製品の実現につながったのだ。 大岡氏は、小規模な会社や個人が自分の持つ尖ったアイデアを活用して製品化できる、プロトラブズのようなITを積極的に活用した小回りのきく製造を支援するサービスが拡がって欲しいと語る。「中小企業がアイデアを具現化できるソリューションが拡がることで今の閉塞感も打破されると思います」と続けた。 PowerWave社も一層積極的にオリジナリティにあふれた製品の展開にさらにProtomoldを活用していくようだ。

「CordSmart Clip」は、イヤホンコードを鞄に収納する際に素早く簡単に携帯機器に巻き付け、絡まない状態にしておくことを簡単にするクリップ。鞄から取り出す 時に、いつでも素早くストレスなく利用できる。