Stereolithography is a 3D Printing process which uses a computer-controlled moving laser beam, pre-programmed using CAM/CAD software.

Stereolithography (SL) is an industrial 3D printing process used to create concept models, cosmetic - rapid prototypes, and complex parts with intricate geometries in as fast as 1 day. Stereolithography parts can be produced in a wide selection of materials, extremely high feature resolutions, and quality surface finishes are possible with SL. We also offer a number of secondary services such as painting, post machining and measurement and inspection, to further enhance the finish of your 3D-printed project design.

Stereolithography design guidelines will help you understand capabilities and limitations.

1 to 50+ parts
  • Shipped in 1 to 7 working days
Common Applications
  • cosmetic prototypes
  • form and fit testing
  • high accuracy and surface quality

SLA Material Options

Below are your SLA material options at Protolabs. We offer a wide range of thermoplastic-like materials as well as post-processing options to enhance cosmetics and material attribute. Note that each property listed is measured along the X-Y plane.

ABS-Like White (Accura Xtreme White 200)

ABS-Like White (Accura Xtreme White 200) is a widely used general purpose SLA material. In terms of flexibility and strength, this material falls between moulded polypropylene and moulded ABS, which makes it a good choice for functional prototypes. Parts as large as 736mm x 635mm x 533mm can be built with ABS-Like White so consider it a primary option if you require an extensive part size build envelope.

Primary Benefits

  • Durable, general purpose resin
  • Accommodates extra-large parts

ABS-Like Black (Accura Black 7820)

ABS-Like Black (Accura Black 7820) is a widely used general purpose material. Its deep black colour and glossy up-facing surfaces in a top profile offer the appearance of a moulded part, while layer lines may be visible in a side profile. Accura Black 7820 also has low moisture absorption (0.25% per DIN EN ISO 62) so that parts are more dimensionally stable. Compared to other SLA materials, it has midrange values for all mechanical properties.

Primary Benefits

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Glossy cosmetic appearance

ABS-Like Translucent/Clear (WaterShed XC 11122)

ABS-Like Translucent/Clear (WaterShed XC 11122) offers a unique combination of low moisture absorption (0.35% per DIN EN ISO 62) and near-colourless transparency. Secondary operations are required to achieve functional part clarity, and the part will also retain a very light blue hue afterward. While good for general-purpose applications, WaterShed is the best choice for flow-visualisation models, light pipes, and lenses.

Primary Benefits

  • Lowest moisture absorption of SLA resins
  • Functional transparency

Ceramic-Like Advanced High-Temp (PerFORM)

Ceramic-Like Advanced HighTemp (PerFORM) exhibits the highest tensile strength and E-modulus making it the stiffest performance material of the SLA materials. When the thermal cure option is applied to parts made from PerFORM, it exhibits the highest HDT (as high as 268°C at 0.46 MPa loading) of the SLA materials.

Primary Benefits

  • Stiffest SLA resin
  • Highest HDT of SLA resins

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